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Problems that customers from other countries face when purchasing from a factory in Europe and how they are eliminated when working through us

Direct supply from factories

Many of the major manufacturers operate in these countries exclusively through their existing distributors and are not ready, for many reasons, to deal with the multitude of enquiries coming from the above-mentioned countries. We act as operators of these companies: we receive and process enquiries and provide the necessary customer support.

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Working with several factories

Each manufacturer has its own limited collection of materials. We work with several leading manufacturers and combine their collections into one large collection of a given material. The customer receives the widest choice of material from one source. In case you need collections from different factories, you get them from one company and under one brand.


You don't need a huge logistics department and you don't need to contract with every factory to import materials. You enter into a single supply agreement with us. Your company is managed by our specialist in all factories and countries.

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As we are agents for these factories in the market of these countries, we have the lowest prices. When you work with us, you get the best prices.

Legal support

Buyers from the above-mentioned countries repeatedly encounter problems related to significant delays in delivery. There are problems with non-conformity of the delivered products. As a result, damages can only be obtained through the European courts, which are incredibly expensive and usually not in favour of the buyers. Our legal support is conducted through our Swiss parent company, which guarantees our clients the greatest possible diligence on the part of the manufacturing companies in fulfilling their obligations with regard to the contract and in case of breach of contract, the possibility of obtaining indemnity.

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Project protection

A common problem is that registering a specific project at the factory is not enough to protect a specific project and, for some reason, the factory supplies material to another customer under the registered project. In our case this is not possible - all projects are registered under a 100% delivery guarantee.

Marketing support

We provide you with everything you need to market the material. We provide technical descriptions, samples and everything you need to work with the material on offer.

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