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Problems that customers from other countries face when purchasing from a factory in China and how they are eliminated when working through us

Complex deliveries of products for construction projects from  China


Starpoint Trading, Hong Kong has been involved in complex deliveries from China to Europe since 2005.


Starpoint Trading provides the following services:


  • negotiation;

  • complete production supervision;

  • packaging control;

  • loading supervision;

  • transportation;

  • customs clearance.


Chinese manufacturers provide the world market with a huge quantity of various products at prices incomparably low as their European analogues. The quality of the Chinese production does not concede to the European analogues, if it is made on the first class equipment of the advanced factories. Our objective is to find goods of the best quality at reasonable prices for the customer.


Dealing with Chinese suppliers carries financial risks and the practical impossibility of resolving economic issues.

The main problems encountered by European companies when purchasing goods from Chinese producers, which cause financial losses to the customer are the following:


  • goods of improper quality;

  • the basic technical and esthetical parameters of the goods do not match the requested ones (the whole batch or part of it differs in colour or size from the indicated in the specification or it cannot be used under certain conditions, etc);

  • the quantity (volume) of the delivered goods is not the same as ordered;

  • packaging defects;

  • failure to meet deadlines;

  • mismatch of Eastern and European mentality which does not allow to negotiate successfully with Chinese partners.


Few customers are able to have total control over the production process, packaging and shipment of the required goods batch directly from the manufacturer.Therefore, it is necessary to send a Chinese-speaking employers with knowledge of the Chinese language and the peculiarities of Eastern business.


Starpoint Trading takes all of the above risks. We have a branch office in China, where our staff members with extensive experience in the Chinese market will provide full control of production, shipment and packaging of products.


We have the ability to supply complex products for construction projects: cladding materials, cables, electrical, lighting, furniture, and more.


Customer's financial benefit when dealing with us is follows: when buying all the materials from different dealers in Europe, the customer gets dealer's profit- from 30 to 100%, depending on the type of material.

Working with us, we are prepared to provide the manufacturer's prices, visit to the production and factories with the customer's representative and set a certain percentage of all delivered materials in agreement with the customer and depending on the volume.

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